Thursday, December 13, 2012

What's the Story?

Read the play "First Step to Freedom" in your Scholastic Newspaper.  Respond to the following questions:

1.  What is the main theme of this play?

2.  Where and when did the play's events take place?

3.  Pick two characters.  How are they similar?  How are they different?


jonah said...

1. the main theme is about how Abraham Lincoln save and help slavery
2.this event took place in 1860-1865

ana said...

1.) the theme is that lincoln doesn't want there to be slavery. (i think)

2.) The play took place in the 1800's

3.) President lincoln, and Benjamen Butler are both different because Lincoln doesn't agree with slavery, and Butler kept the slaves that escaped their master to himself so that they could be his slaves.

Liam Wilcox said...

1.Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation and it was delivered on 1/1/1863
2.1860 and 1861 in Virginia
3.Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. They were both alive in the 1800s. lincoln was a president but Doug was a vice president.

Theresa said...

1. The main theme of the play is about slavery becoming illegal in the south and how Abraham Lincoln made slavery become illegal everywhere. Aldo the theme was how every slave in the nation was free.
2.The play took place in 1860, and it took place in the united states.
3. My characters are Abraham and Salmon P. Chase.
One thing they have in common is that they both think slavery is wrong and evil.
One thing different about them is that Abraham is the president and Salmon is only the Secretary of the Treasury.

Winni said...

1.the theme is if you try hard at something you can get it.
2.this took place 150 years ago in america.
3.President lincoln and William Seward are similar cause they both want to end slavery.They are diiferent cause Lincoln is president and Seward isn't president.

amandeep said...

The theme of that story is that abhram lincoln signed the paper so alot of the slaveas were free.
Licoln signed the paper in 1861 and it took place all over the united states of america.
The two characters that i am going to pick are lincoln and benjamin butler.
one way they are different is that butler is a general and lincoln is a president. They are similar because they both wanted to get the slaves free.

Janna said...

The main theme is about Abraham Lincoln trying to end slavery.
It takes place in 1861-1865 and it took place in the North.
Lincoln William Seward
*he was the *They both have
person who good ideas
made the *They both agree
Emancipation on ending slavery
*he wanted
slavery to end

Angelina said...

1. I thik the theme is Abraham Lincoln trying to end slavery

2. It took place in the South of the United States in 1860.

3. I'm going to compare and contrast Abraham LIncoln to Fredrick Douglass. They both were against slavery. They both wanted to stop slavery. One difference is Abraham was President and Fredrick was an abolitionist.

Maysen Baker said...

1.Abraham Lincon is trying to end to slavery and unite America.

2.In 1860 Fort Sumter a union fort in South Carolina.

3.Edwin Stanton and William Seward.
They are similar because they are both Secratary's of some sort of topic.They are different because Stanton is the Secratary of War. And Sewton is Secratary of State.

jericho said...

The main theme about this play is that president Abraham Lincoln helped americans be free. The event happened in 1860 at a union fort in South Carolina. John Nicolay and John Hay are similar because they both agree that the president is going to be a great president..John Nicolay and John Hay are different because John Hay is the assistant secretary of the president but John Nicolay is the main secratary of the president.