Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sticky Situation

Christine and Andrea have been best friends for years.  One day, a group of popular girls ask Christine to sit with them at lunch - but they don't invite Andrea.  Christine always sits with Andrea in the cafeteria, but she doesn't want to miss her chance to hang out with the popular girls.  What should Christine do?

The Right To Fight

Read this article on pages 4-5 of your Scholastic Newspaper.  What conclusion can you draw from this article?  What is your opinion on women fighting in war zones?

Class Photo 2013

Hopefully you've had some time to think about our theme for this year's class photo.  What are your ideas for color combinations?  (Remember, it needs to be a color that most people have in their closets)

Should Singers Lip-Synch?

At President Obama's inauguration in January, Beyonce' sang a thrilling version of the national anthem.  Or did she?  Beyonce' later admitted she had been lip-synching.  That's when performers sing over, or move their lips to a previously recorded song.  But Beyonce' isn't alone.  Justin Bieber and Britney Spears are among the other pop stars who have been rumored to lip-synch during concerts.  Many people say lip-synching is dishonest - especially when the audience is paying to see a live performance.  But others believe lip-synching lets people hear singers at their best, as they sound on their albums.  What do YOU think?
~ Scholastic News

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The End is Near....

We only have a little more than three months left of Sixth Grade!  I cannot even believe how fast time has gone by this year.  What are you still looking forward to this year?  What is something you hoped we would get to do, but haven't yet?  What do you think you need to do to prepare for Seventh Grade?  What have you liked/not liked about this year?

Sticky Situation

Natalie has an essay due for school tomorrow.  Her teacher gave the assignment weeks ago, but Natalie waited too long to get started.  She's been working on the essay for hours.  Now it's way past her bedtime, and she can barely keep her eyes open.  She's worried that she won't finish in time.  What should Natalie do?

~ Scholastic News

Crisis in Syria

Read pages 4-5 in this edition of Scholastic News.Why have millions of people been forced from their homes in Syria?  What is life like at the refugee camps?

What does the word civilian mean?

What does the word refugee mean?

Require Foreign Language Classes?

If you want to give your brain a good workout, think about saying !hola! to another language.  A recent study found that kids who learn more than one language have sharper minds when they get older.  Many people say that speaking a foreign language also gives students a better understanding of the world.  They also argue that kids who know at least two languages will have an advantage when they look for jobs in the future.  However, more than two thirds of the US elementary schools don't offer foreign-language classes.  Some school officials say they can't fit language lessons into the packed school day.  Others say students should spend their time mastering English instead.  What do YOU think?

~ Scholastic News