Thursday, December 6, 2012

2012 Year in Review

Read pages six through nine in your Scholastic Newspaper.  What do you remember about the past year?  What stands out to you?  Write your own Year In Review about what happened in your life.


Mrs. McCutchen said...

Mrs. McCutchen 2012 Year in Review

* Learned to love eating salmon
* Visited Roche Harbor in the San Juan Islands for the first time
* Got married!!!
* Spent eight days on Maui
* Met a new group of sixth graders in September
* My nephew Ashton was born

Jonah said...

*I have learned to touch the middle of my back
*how to eat carefully with my braces
*went to Hawaii on Maui
*held my new cousin Emma
*got better at video games
*learned how to draw better

ana said...

What has happened in my life the past year:

• Got a dog named "rocco"
• Rocco died :(
• Got another dog named "Nani" (Naw-Knee)
• My cousin visited from California
• Went to 6th Grade Camp :)

Winni said...

*My aunt had another child so i have a new baby cousin.
*Over the summer i made first touchdown in my whole life which is a good thing to me cause im really bad at football.
*I went to the boat festival in downtown seattle for my 2nd time.

Janna said...

*got a new phone
*went to China
*improved in chinese
*started sixth grade
*went to sixth grade camp

Jericho said...

*my 11th birthday *my baby brother's 1st birthday *moved from rainier to kent *went to a silverwood in Idaho *went to school at Glenridge

yakub said...

*learn to love saled
*get along with my brother
*spent 1 year in africa a place called gedow
* get better at video games

Theresa said...

*I got braces
*I had my birthday on Feb.1st
*I went to Vietnam in the summer
*My baby brother ZAck was born
*Went to a wedding in Tualip Casino
*Great Wolf Lodge
*Met a new 6th grade teacher

Megann W. said...

.Seen 16 states!
.moved into a new home!
. have got a new puppy!
.cut of 6 inches of hair off my head!
.learned how to make awesome friends!
.about to celebrate my birthday tommorow!
.learned new pranks to use on my little brother!
. went to Camp Seymour a second time with a new group of friends
. learned how to run a business.

Zaliah said...

*i learned how to be more repectful to other
* i got funnier over the year

cruz said...

*made a seventh grade basketball team.
*Went to hoopfest in eastern washington
*went camping in mardon
*got more new shoes

Liam Wilcox said...

* I learned how to like eating sushi
*Went to Korea
*Visited my friend in Las Vegas
*Saw my grandparents

Channy said...

*Went to Vietnam over the summer
*My sister turned 5
*Got a phone
*Being in 6th grade
*Auntie is gone :'(

Angelina said...

*Played Sharpay in high School musical
*Joined Volleyball
*Went on the giant ferris wheel on the pier
*went to iFly indoor skydiving
*Learned sign language

That's all I could think of at th moment I might say more later.

Hunter Smith said...

*Spent time in redmond,
*Got my online hackers degree,
*got better at video games,
*Acheived my marksman award.

Bryan said...

* I got kittens
* moved to kent
* cousin visited over the summer
* played minecraft on xbox and loved it

Jason Bui said...

My review of 2012 is First I went to honululu, hawaii. Next my cousin Johnny was born.Then I went to go visit my cousin carol in the hospital and most of all I met this awsome teacher named Mrs.McCutchen

amandeep said...

*I joined a new soccer club
*Went to belingham to play my soccer game
*I statrted sixth grade
*changed to a different school

japheth said...

*i beat my black ops 2 game
*i beat my assasins creed liberation game
*finished my last foot ball game for the season
*got invited to a game convecion to play black ops 2 online with other players and came third place out of 20.
did i mecion playing video games.