Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas List

'Tis the season to give!  In our classroom tomorrow, we will be creating gifts for family members.  What other gifts will you be giving for Christmas?  What are you hoping you will get for Christmas this year?  (make a list!) If your family does not celebrate Christmas, what do you celebrate instead?  How do you celebrate?


Jonah said...

what I want for christmas is i know it sounds weird but i want a honey badger. It's good for protection and it's just awesome!
I want new shoes beacuse my shoes now are about to be over!!!!

Jason Bui said...

Me and my sister are going to buy my mom for christmas this year is diamond earings with my dad and we are buying her these earings to thank her for all she has done for us and kinda like mothers day.

cruz said...

this year I'm going to give my little cousin my ipod. I'm choosing to give it to her because when she comes over to my house shes always playing on it and thats the one thing she asked for for christmas.I'm hoping to get a pair of shoes, a basketball hoop, and some itunes cards

Maysen Baker said...

I am hoping to get a IPhone for christmas because I have the Ipod i think the 4th genoration and I wish I could call with my Ipod so I am hoping for a IPhone Christmas.

jericho said...

I am hoping to get a new video game and a 3ds XL.I celebrate Christmas by waking up on Christmas morning and running downstairs to see all the presents.During the day I go to my grandmas house to eat and open Christmas presents.

ana said...

What i want for christmas is:
• Knee-High converse shoes :3
• A poster of my favorite Band
• V.I.P tickets to my favorite Band
and... that's all that i can think of :\

Philicyanna said...

I will be giving a letter to my mom for christmas.I will give my dad a letter too.This year for christmas I hope I will get something better than I got last year.

Theresa said...

For christmas I will be giving...
-Contact Lenses case for my big bro
-A car for my little bro
-A mug for my grandma
-A tool kit for my dad
-A nail polish set for my mom
-A hoodie blanket for each one of my cousins
And some presents for my own friends.
Some things that I would like to get for christmas is....
An IPod Nano and some new books.

Liam Wilcox said...

Ok. Before I start this, MOM AND DAD! DO NOT READ THIS!! Ok. I will be getting my mom a LOT of fuzzy socks. She is CRAZY without them. I am getting my dad a new tie. He is like Mr. Abernathy. Except without the crazy funky ties like Mr. Abernathy's. Not that I don't like them. In fact. I'll get my dad a tie with a car on it because he LOVES cars. I REALLY want to get a iPhone 5 or a 4S. I also REALLY want Call of Duty Black Ops II. We celebrate it by me waking up at 2 in the morning and opening presents then eating then I play with whatever I got. That's all! Happy Holidays everyone!

Janna said...

I already bought gifts for my friends and family but i'm not saying the gifts i got for friends because some of them are in this class but for my family i got my grandma a mug my mom a necklace and my dad this toolbox thing. I'm hoping to get something i want because i made sure to tell everyone in my family what i want and gave them a list but my number one items i want is anything ONE DIRECTION related and just dance 4.

yakub said...

I celebrate eid it is were your mom and dad take you any were you want to go to. and i celebrate ramdan it is were your mom or dad make alot of food and you cant eat intill 8:00

Winni said...

I don't know what im getting my parents cause i usaully ask my mom and dad about the things they want and get that for them and i haven't done that yet. I really want Just Dance 4 and a ipod.

Angelina said...


Mom- Panera Bread $5 Gift Card

Sister- McDonald's $5 Gift card or an Apple Store Gift Card

Aunt- Flour Sifter [it was on her list]

Grandma and Grandpa- Class gifts

Dad- I don't really know

Also for my mom's birthday which is on the 27th I'm going to give her a $5 Starbucks gift card

amandeep said...

I am hoping to get a playstation 4 when it comes out from my dad.
I am hoping to get a ipad from my grandma.
I am not really hpoing for anything from my brother and if he does give me somthing it will probably be a soccer ball.
I already know kind of what i am going to get my family. For my brother i am going to give him a skateboard.

Saif said...

my family does not celebrate Christmas and we do not do anything instead

Chloe said...

For christmas I'm going to give my mom a bird feeder because shes been dieing to get one. Also I'm going to get my dad a soda stream because he wants one and I don't know what else to get him for christmas. What I want for christmas is just a few movies and one little toy thats pretty much it.

Angelina said...

I really hope to get:

1. iPad
2. iPod nano
3. Dork Diaries books
4. Aeropostale Clothes
5. Disney POP! Figures

That's pretty much what I could think of right now because I want to answer the other blog questions.

Zaliah said...

actually i dont make xmas list i just tell my mom what i want and than i will see if i get it on xmas day...

Bryan said...

I'm saving my money to buy gifts for my parents and little brother like a game for my little brother
a coffee cup for my mom
and a game for my dad.
what i'm hoping to get for christmas is a 3ds or ipad 2.

Megann W. said...

Some of the things i am giving to my family for Christmas is a few things for my stepmoms office, a welcome doormat and a sign. and also a art project.

Here's what i want...

. a new phone.(the one i have is broken and can't be used again.)
.More art suplies
.clothes and earrings
.a bean bag