Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Break

What did you do during your two weeks of freedom?  Were you really busy or did you basically just relax the whole time?  Were you productive at all or did you just take time off?  What was the best thing about your Winter Break?


Mrs. McCutchen said...

My Winter Break was fabulous!!
* I saw lots and lots of friends
* Spent three days with my family
* Watched the movie The Hobbit
* Went shopping
* Baked plenty of goodies
* Opened presents
* Drove around to look at Christmas lights
* Visited Snowflake Lane
* Slept in
* Ate lots of good food

Ana said...

I didn't do a whole lot this winter break but i saw the hobbit too! :) I also got some really cool christmas gifts.

Liam Wilcox said...

Actually I shouldn't have to say this but games, games, and more GAMES! I was not so busy because I just played everyday. I was pretty much just taking time off. The best thing that happened to me was that I got all 3 Austin Powers movies and a Samsung Galaxy Play 4.2 for Christmas!

Channy said...

I didn't do a lot. I just stayed put at home. I did sleep in a lot though. The extra sleep felt good.
Oh! I had a sleep over with my cousin it was pretty fun.

Janna said...

During winter break i
*i hung out with my friends and played rock band
*stayed up really late
*watched glee
*stay home in my pajamas
*bought christmas presents
*open my presents
*be lazy

Bryan said...

What I did over winter break was
*play my laptop.
*read for 2hours and 30minutes.
*watch wreck it ralph.
*wait for christmas.
*get a 3ds.
*buy games.
I sept until 10am and then make myself some breakfast so basicaly i just took time off.

Angelina said...

My winter break. Oh I just love to think about it.

1. Got an iPad Mini!
2. Got a iPod nano
3. Watched Rise Of The Guardian (which was awesome).
4. Watched Brave
5. Baked my mom cupcakes for her birthday then wrote on the cupcakes w/ frosting, " Happy ?? Birthday Mommy!" (I'm not saying how old).
6. Had a lot of Peppermint Hot Chocolate.
7. Got a new Water Bottle.

That's all I can think of at the moment other than presents so that's it.

Winni said...

Well we did a whole lot. we visited my grandparents and i heard my baby cousin talk for the first time. We celebrated my Mom's birthday on New Years. I also had a really cool christmas.

yakub said...

I did not do a lot of thing i just stayed home play videogames and sleep i did what i do every day

jericho said...

I was relaxing everyday. I was playing video games everyday.The best thing about my winter break was I got to sleep at my aunties house for CHRISTMAS eve.

Jonah said...

I went to Bend,OR for christmas with my family,uncle,aunt,and my cuz. There was lots of snow! We did alot of things that I can't name. when we had to go home I played video games most of the time and eat. That's all! It was fun! One of the things we did in Bend was go dog sleding! I hope you guys had fun too!

amandeep said...

I basically just relaxed the whole time and just played games and i was just trying to take time off. The best thing about my wimter break was that I went to belingham to play my soccer game and we won so had a great time there.

Megann W. said...

During the break, Me and my family just relaxed and spent time together. These were just a few things I got for X-mas
. Fuzzy socks
. Xbox 360 (Family gift)
. hair towel
. Good books
. a U draw for Wii
. Nice Earrings and necklace
. Soda flavored lip balm
. Xbox 360 games
. Just Dance 4
.Lots of more things

Theresa said...

The things i did over Break are..
-Go to Great wolf lodge for 2 nights.
-Go to Janna's house several times to play rock bands and JUst dance.
-Go to 3 family parties.
-Go shopping with my Christmas money at the mall.
-Got lots of Christmas presents.
-Set up the christmas lights outside and put up the Christmas tree.
-Slept in everyday.
-2 sleepovers with my friends
-Finished 3 books

Saif said...

All i did was play some video games
study 11th grade stuff
went to basketball practice every day

Chloe said...

I basically just relax the whole time and played on my laptop. I also played on our wii whit my brother and my dad! Our dad doesn't Play with us much so when he did it was a lot of fun. We had a great christmas, my mom and dad loved there presents from my little brother and I. This Winter Break didn't have any snow but it was still pretty fun. :)