Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thoughts to Think

Answer the following questions with whatever thought first comes up.  There are no correct/incorrect answers.

* Of all the things you are learning, what do you think will be the most useful when you are an adult?

* Are you a good friend? Why do you think so?

* How would the world be different if animals could talk?


ana said...

─I think that Math will be the most useful when we are adults, because if you have a job where you need to know how to do math (which are most jobs) then you will know how to do it instead of having to work at McDonalds and do nothing.
─ I think that I am a good friend because people can trust me with their secrets because i won't go out telling everybody what they didn't want anyone to know.
─ The world would be so much different if animals could talk... Animals would probably be alot smarter and understand things that we tell them more. They would also be able to tell people when they were hungry or whatever they need.

Liam Wilcox said...

I think the most important thing is reading. If you get a job interview and they make you read and you don't know how, then you might not get the job. I sometimes think I am a good friend because I always give people rides and give them stuff but sometimes, I can be mean. The world would be much more annoying if animals talk. I mean the 3 Chipmunks talking is enough already.

Janna said...

I think math will be the most useful because math is basically involed in everything. I think i am a good friend because i am trustworthy and im fun to hang out around. If animals could talk they would know way too much beacause i don't know what the animals could hear so i think it's better off if they couldn't talk.

Bryan said...

*The most useful thing would be math.
*I think I'm a good friend because I help my friends.
*If animals could talk I think they would be able to take over the world.

Channy said...

1* I think math is really important because you'll have to go shopping for stuff and you need to know how to deal with money. Especially if you are a cashier.

2* I think i'm a good friend because i'm usually calm.

3* If animals could talk I think that'd be weird. I do agree with Ana if the pet is hungry or if they are feeling sick or somthing. Maybe an animal is a best friend to somebody instead of a human being.

jonah said...

*I think math and writing
*I'm a good friend beacuse I'm funny and I tell the truth
*ummmmmmm that's hard and random Mrs.McCuthen. But when I was reading the question I thought of dogs getting married and living life with us.

Winni said...

*I dislike math but still think it is the most useful for when i grow up.
*I think i'm a good friend cause when my friends need help i help them and i give them good advice.
*the world would have been so weird if animals could talk. people would start taking advice from a dog

jericho said...

I think math is really helpful because if you want to be an accountant or a teller you got to know math. I think I am a good friend because I don't fight with people and I am nice to them.If animals could talk then we will know when they want something instead of whining.

Saif said...

I think math is the most important thing.yes because i do whatever they say unless it's dumb.IF we got a problem we can talk to a animal if you want to.

Hunter B. Smith said...

Making friends and knowing I HAD an education.

Angelina said...

1. I think math is most important because when you're older you can calculate how much everythings going to be or how much taxes you owe. No matter what there will always be math in your life.

2. I think I'm a good friend because I keep people's secrets and never leave others out. That's how I've made most of my friends.

3. If animals could talk I think less people would have pets because the animal might be very rude or might not say something nice to the person that buys them so no one would like to have a pet.

Jason Bui said...

-I think the most usful thing I will need when I grow up is math because if i dont know math then i wont know how to pay the bills when i grow up and other stuff.I think I am a good friend because i am a fun guy who likes to hang out with friends but I am also the one thats cares about my friends.If animals could talk THAT WOULD BE AWSOME because if animals could talk no one will haft to feel lonly anymore!!!!!